Abstract or Repeating patterns printed fine arts and Graffiti on canvas.

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- April 2016

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Inversion Linked Canvas and Acrylic print

In this fine art, i wanted to frame people in a reflection, so i waited that people pass in front of a window shop with many boxes behind the window and i use the reflection to focus on the reflected people for the picture.


After many tries, this couple passed, they were just in the good plan with the inversion of colors due to the reflection of the colorful boxes which give this abstract effect and the color inversion between the woman and the man.

Often sold as a "duo" this Graffiti is also perfect alone on any wall.


I recommend the diptych with one inverted to have a symmetric effect on this abstract canvas if you want to hang it as a "duo". As a single frame it can be horizontal or vertical, both will have an excellent visual on your wall.

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Photography Prints

Dreaming Jungle Road (S as Squared)

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