Architecture photo prints and detail of an architecture art canvas.

Architecture detail of arcades
Architecture details of some arcades and arches, repetitive patterns

A part of a building, a special angle of view about a building, stairways or steel frames in a building, and so... this is what you will find in this category of architecture and details.


I have my personal conception and point of view about architecture and how to photograph it.


When i photograph some particular architecture, i like to make them a bit abstract by changing the way people usually see the lines. Often it put me in some weird situation. For example i lay down on my back in a middle of the crowd, on a dirty floor in a mall, people think i am crazy and most of them are amused, but at the end i got some very unique point of view with unique angle and unique photos.


Canvas, acrylic prints, matte or glossy paper, those photos will fit on any type of prints, especially the metal prints.

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