Black and White glossy prints, matt and canvas.

Black and white in many different kind of prints. Glossy, matte, canvas or even metal print, black and white are among the best and the most recognised printed fine art.


A lot of people don't like black and white photography or prints and canvas, and i understand them very well because i was one of them, long time ago... until someone told me "in a black and white photo, it's all about colors, and for that it should has enough black and enough whites, because the art of the black and white is not just a different shades of grey" and the light switch on in my mind, no need to say that nowaday i am a crazy fund about black and white art.


I do not use any presets or filters for my black and whites, i do it all manually by HSL and with different contrast and luminosity, because for a nice black and white, it's all about colors (more about black and white) and presets nor filters can't do that, and by doing it all manually, it make my black and white unique to me.

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