Fruits and vegetables on framed art print, acrylic or canvas.

Hot Chili in canvas or fine art print, metal print
Hot Chili in canvas or fine art print, metal print

Hot Chili.

Best on Acrylic, very nice on canvas or printed in framed paper fine art, Hot Chili is excellent for the kitchen or to "light up" some darker rooms with a colorful frame.


"Hot Chili" can be in a triptych (3 frames/canvas) with Calamansi and Onions, in fact they were made to be together (if you like).


 As you can see below, it is very nice in the kitchen, and fit very well in a triptych on any kind of wall at all size.


 A Calamansi is a green tropical lemon, a lot more sweet than the usual and most common yellow lemon.

The green dominant color of this frame will make it perfect for all kind of kitchen, modern or classic, plus it will be nice also in your bathroom, toilets and corridors.


Calamansi can be in triptych with Hot Chili and Onion, their opposite colors contrast very well in any situation. Below some example is situation hanging on a wall of a kitchen and restaurant.


Purple onions, framed and printed on a matte paper or on a canvas, is just perfect to decorate your kitchen, especially if the frame is around the stoves or where you prepare the food.


The purple color of this print will just pop and "light up" your kitchen, as you can see the on different examples below.


Like Calamansi and Hot Chili, Onions suite very well with those two other prints in triptych (3 frames side by side).

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