Prints of digital photo art with oil paint, pencil or watercolor and other effects.

Sample of oil paint effect with silk effect
Tiny sample oil paint and silk effect on one of my photo landscape

Nowadays we can transform our pictures with an oil paint effect, watercolors effect or even a drawing effect like pencil and so.


In this Fine art prints category, you can order some of my favorite photos with a special paint effect, that i did on some of my pictures. These prints photo art effect category is divided in subcategories like Landscape oil painting effect, Cities and Skyline oil paints and watercolors, Cars boats and vehicle paint and drawing effect and more coming each time i post process a picture in an art paint. 

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Photophone: How to do great pictures with a smartphone or a tablet.

How to take great pictures with a smartphone
How to take great pictures with a smartphone?

Nowadays our smartphones have more computer power than a 10 years old desktop computer. Technology is evolving fast and with it, the language acquiring new words like  smartphone or selfie.

We are doing everything with our phone, from a GPS assistant to photograph or record a movie in full 1080p HD, even post processing those images, and i don't even speak about playing 3D games, read some news on internet and so on...


At the end, when we compare how we use our phone the most, in percentage, I can say safely that we barely use it to call someone, and this is why i call mine a photophone.

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