Printed art and canvas with bird or wildlife animals.

Sunbird on a canvas is just so beautiful (i have printed 3 little canvas for my 2 kids bedroom), even a simple little sparrow printed a little bit big to see all the details with a flower in its beak and you got an unique printed frame. 


Wildlife and animals printed on glossy paper or matt at a little size fit best bedrooms, bathroom, corridors and so. Printed on a canvas or a big print frame and they are perfect for the living room (depending your furnitures).


Strangely, birds if they are printed on a glossy paper, but are big prints, they don't fit everywhere. On the overhand if the print, on the glossy paper is little, they fit absolutely everywhere, especially if there is few different little frames of birds on the same wall.

On a canvas you will not encounter this kind of strange effect, all size of canvas are good for birds.

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