250 Free photo and image editors to download or to use online.

There is a lot of Free Photoshop or Lightroom alternative to download or to use online nowadays, below I listed them all in 2 major categories of photo and image editors, which are mainly a category to download and install a free photo editor on your desktop or laptop computer, and a category for editing pictures online and image retouching web-based to use in a browser.


Free photo editors to download on a computer PC or Mac
Free photo editors to download by category.

Free Lightroom alternative
Free Lightroom alternative

Lightroom free desktop alternative: Free RAW and photo editors software and apps with similar photo editing tools.

Free Photoshop alternative
Free Photoshop.

Free Photoshop desktop alternative: Very advanced image manipulation editors and applications, or photos restoration and transformation programs to download.

Photo editors suite or studio
Photo editor suite

Free full photo editing suite: For a complete photo editor suite with all in one photo editing tools or effect software and user friendly .

Basic photo editors
Basic photo editors

Free basic photo editors software: Easy to use for a quick photo edit without being overwhelmed by too much photo editing tools.

Free collage maker.
Free collage maker.

Free images and photos collage maker: To mix and combine multiple photos, pictures and images together, softwares for desktop computer.

free application for face, skin and hairs touch up.
Face, skin and hair.

Face retouching, skin smoothing and wrinkles, whiten teeth, makeup or blemish removal, all beautify application and software to download.

Free photo effect application
Photo effects.

Photo special effects and textures: Light leaks, overlays, old film effects and vintage photo apps.

Free photo frames and borders maker.
Frame and borders.

Photo frames and borders apps: To add frames and borders on your pictures, grunge border, film effect or classic frames and more.

freeware to add a watermark or a text on a photo.
Watermark and text

Free texts and watermark apps: To watermark a photo, or add some text on images, desktop or smart phone application freeware.

Free image viewer and photo organizer.
Images viewer

Free photos viewer and image organizer: Photos gallery viewer and browser, DAM application software.

Free HDR and photo panorama stitcher.
HDR and panorama

Free HDR maker or photos stitching programs and apps: A specialized category of free photo editor software with specific needs like RAW converter, panorama maker and so.

Free design and graphic software.
Design and graphic

Free design and graphics apps: To create cards, banners and posters, flyers, or any kind of invitations.

Free paint and drawing software.
Paint and draw.

Free draw and painting software to download and install on your computer.

Free online photo editors and images retouch in the web browser
Free online photo editors by category.

Free online alternative to Lightroom.
Online Lightroom.

Online Lightroom alternative: Category of free photo editor websites with the same or similar photo editing tools than Adobe Lightroom.

Free online photoshop website alternative.
Online Photoshop.

Free Photoshop online alternative: All image manipulation websites with a user interface which look  like Photoshop, and with its featured or similar tools in the websites.

Free online photo editor suite or studio.
Photo editor studio.

Complete free online photos editing suite: with all the basics, filters and overlays, text and shapes... A lot of editing tools easy to use.

Free online lite and basic photo editors.
Basic photo editor.

Lite and basic free online photo editors: Easy to use, those free online basic and lite photo editors have all the minimal tools to edit a photo.

Free online collage maker.
Online collage.

Online photos collage maker and builder with collage templates and web based photos mixer. Free image montage editors and creator.

Free online face touch up and makeup artist.
Face skin makeup.

Online skin & face retouching: makeup artist or touch up with blemishes removal, whiten teeth and smoothing wrinkles on a photo online.

Free online photo effect in a browser.
Photo effects.

Photo effects and texture websites with layouts, or leak's light and vintage old film effects or magazines.

Free online frames and borders to add on a photo.
Frame and borders.

Online Photo Frames and borders: Free online and web based applications to add a frame and a border to your pictures or images.

Free online text and watermark to add on a picture.
Text watermarks.

Free online Text and watermark: A special category with editors photos, resizer and converter, GIF maker and out of the bound photo editors.

Free online HDR and panorama maker and photo stitcher.
HDR & panorama.

Free online photo panorama stitcher & photo HDR maker. There is also in this category some web based icons editors, poster generator, photo background remover and more.

Free online design, canvas and graphics.
Design & graphics

Free Web based design and canvas: Greeting cards and flyers  creator, posters and magazines maker, banners builder and many more.

Free online paint and drawing applications.
Online paint & draw

Paint and drawing online apps for free: Paint and draw in a browser with these free well featured online applications and their well tooled brushes and pencils.

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