Lite, express and basic free online photo editors easy to use for beginners.

Free online lite and basic photo editors easy to use and picture express editors for beginners.
Free online lite and basic photo editors easy to use and picture express editors for beginners.

In this category, you will find a lot of basic and very simple, easy to use online photo editors for beginners. Often those online free editors, also called express editors, have just few editing tools for a quick edit. Simple and easy to use do not mean that they are bad, it means that people will not be overwhelmed by a plethora of editing tools they will never use on a more complex software, perfect for newbie and beginner photographers.


Some of them are even better in quality, than some of the very complex photo editors, may be due to their simplicity, and if you are a good photographer, you do not need to spend time processing a picture, just very few adjustment on a photo and it's done.


This is where those simple and easy to use photo editors are extremely useful.


1) Citrify web based and in browser free photo editor.

Citrify easy to use
Citrify a very simple user interface

Citrify save your work at the original size, which in my opinion is the best way to print a very large photograph, but it save it in PNG, no worries about the format it's compatible with ALL software but it can increase the size of the file significantly.


Citrify have all the basic tools you need with a modern user interface and it's fast, very fast. You can adjust your photographs, touch up, have some effects and stickers too.


I like a lot the way it explain every single editing tool, in a very simple words, just by "On Mouse Over" on the tool. But it's quite "too" simple, means can be "not enough" too.

  • Pros : No need to upload a photo, extreme simplicity for a quick retouch, beautify editing tools for the face, skin, wrinkles and teeth, save your photo at the original size, few special effects.
  • Cons : Do not handle RAW photo, save as PNG file only without any options.

2) PicMagick : a very simple free online photo editor.

PicMagick web image editor
PicMagick web image editor

PicMagick is a very simple image editor without froufrou. PicMagick goes straight forward for a fast editing picture, and it is fast to process too, very fast.

Extremely simple it have just the minimum tools you need, like the crop tool, rotate, fix red-eye, smooth skin, adjust and enhance colors, sharpen, soften, sepia, grayscale and glow.


This free online editor can save your work at 2048 pixels maximum, which in my personal opinion is a bit short, but largely enough for the social media, and may be for some little good prints.


A special note to the very simple and friendly user interface with a very good and pleasant looking for a quick and fast photo editing.

  • Pros : No upload needed, very easy and friendly user interface, simplicity, all the very basics with some important options possibilities.
  • Cons : No support for RAW files, saved photo at 2048 pixels at the widest.

3) Pixenate free online picture editing for social media.

Pixenate simple free photo online editor
Pixenate simple free online editor

Pixenate is an extremely simple, easy to use and straight forward user interface. This free online editor will straighten your photographs, brighten, and has few basic editing for your pictures.


You can also connect Pixenate with your Facebook account and directly edit your pictures on your Facebook page or send them to Flickr. So it has direct social media abilities, but you will be limited at 1280 pixels when you want to save it.


If your photos are for Facebook, this limitation might be quite enough, but for printing it is not, although the user interface looks very outdated with a lot of writings.

  • Pros : 1 click photo editing, red eyes and whiten teeth, hand drawing, some fun effects.
  • Cons : No RAW, 1280 pixels limitation, not enough true editing tools, need to upload photo to the server.

4) Fun Photo Box the little photos editor with a lot of effects.

Fun Photo Box free online photo editor
Fun Photo Box an easy to use photo editor

Fun Photo Box is a very simple free online photo effects, editor, filters and cards, it has animation too. When you will save your picture it will be at 1600 pixels at the widest, if the effects is large enough, which is good for facebook and some desktop, but not enough for good quality print.


The face photo effects are quite nice, made on the principle of the face in a hole, some are very well made!


  • Pros : easy to use, some nice face effect like Avatar, it has collage and filters, animation and cards and also a true photo and image editor (an API from Aviary) with all the photo editing basics.
  • Cons : Upload needed, save your picture at a low resolution (1600 pixels max for the photo editor and even less for the special effects).

5) Fotostars simple but full featured photo editor.

Fotostars a simple free photo editor
Fotostars is a simple free photo editor

Fotostars has a little bit more than 30 frames and borders to put on a picture, but they are high quality photo border.


Fotostars will save your picture at the original size unless you add some frames, but you can bypass it by clicking on Resize and you put the right number of pixels, it will work very well.


No upload needed with Fotostars, and if you want to quickly edit a photo with a good final result, or just add some effect, Fotostars is the choice to do..

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