Photo Browser, image viewers and organizer, Photo Album cleaner and DAM freeware.

Free photo viewer, image browser and picture organizer
Free photo organizer, photo browser and image viewer to download on a computer.

Searching an image organizer, photo viewer called also a picture browser, or a DAM* software to cull, rate and tag or geotag your photos recursively in folders?
* DAM means Digital Asset Management.


Below are listed some of the best dedicated free slideshow applications with folder browsing and dedicated photo viewers, those are also image organizer freeware, album photo maker and DAM application to arrange and cull your photo and folders or to search for duplicated photos.


1) XnViewMP free pictures organizer viewer and slideshow.

XnViewMP is an image browser and viewer photos organizer
XnViewMP is an image browser, viewer organizer very fast.

XnViewMP and me, it's something like 15 years that i know this freeware may be the best free photos and images organizer and viewer, and it does many other things very useful for everyday use.


For Mac OS X, Linux and Windows, Xnview organize folder and pictures (it can use a Database), demosaicing or converting your RAW photo is not a problem with it.


XnView can rename recursively folders of pictures or an entire album by batch processing and it have all the very basic tools for editing any pictures on the fly, it can read sound, video and more (500+ types of different files !! ), it also create slideshows, contact sheets, can put watermarks on your photos, create thumbnails for your website with the webpage and the link ready to use, XnViewMP has also a tool to find duplicate, cloned or similar images and a lot more.


It use ExifTool (included) to read your exif and Metadata. Over all it does many things and more and do it super fast, it can even take a Picture of your website at the size you want (useful to see how is your website on different sized screen)!


You can re-organize the layout of the user Interface, for example the thumbnail window can fit your preferences with several layouts, sizes and info you want to display or not, it is fully customizable.

2) Picasa the Google photo album viewer and organizer.

Picasa is also an online photo manager and orgianizer
Picasa is also an online photo manager and orgianizer

The Picasa is not anymore maintained, it is replaced by Photos from Google. Picasa was an excellent photos album organizer and images viewer. Picasa can filter also by face recognition witch is nice when you have tagged all the people you know, Picasa will manage all your directories automatically.


For Mac OS X and Windows Picasa has also a simple image editor for some quick edit, but it's best feature is the images management and photo viewer with geotagging and face recognition abilities.


So if you are nostalgic, below i found 2 links (one for Mac and one for Windows) where you can still download Picasa.

3) JetPhoto Studio Free photo organizer and album maker.

JetPhoto Studio album maker and photos organizer
JetPhoto Studio album maker and photos organizer

The Jetphoto Studiofreeware is an impressive and true photo album creator and photo management organizer. JetPhoto Studio can geotagging your pictures, create particular album photo organized by date, locations, exif data, etc ...


For Mac OS X and Windows JetPhoto Studio can transform your album photo in movie or flash animation, and it is featured with some quick enhancement like black and white or sepia effect. You can quickly create a web gallery, edit the exif, and so on ... in fact JetPhoto Studio is so well featured that it is impressive.

4) Phoenix Slides a Free organizer and slideshow maker.

Phoenix Slides is a viewer organizer and slide show freeware
Phoenix Slides is a viewer organizer and slide show freeware

Phoenix Slides is an incredible little piece of freeware (1.3MB only) and does the same job as an a lot heavier very well known software i won't name here...

For Mac OS X , Phoenix Slides can read Exif and metadata, the user interface might look rustic and simplistic, but it is a very fast and efficient photo viewer, due to it's simplicity.


Phoenix Slides is extremely fast when browsing JPEG directory and folders, may be the fastest i ever seen, but get very slow when browsing directories of RAW photos (at least the first time browsing them). It is a fast full-screen slideshows.

5) Toy Viewer slideshow maker and photos browser with few effects.

Toy Viewer is a slideshows maker and an image browser
Toy Viewer is a slideshows maker and an image browser

The Toyviewer application, is a nice and good slideshow maker, it does also images and directory browser with some very basic quick editing tools.


For Mac OS X it can read and edit exif from a photo and write in the meta data.


It's main feature is a full screen slide show with a lot of parameters and options.

6) IrfanView a very well featured Images browser and viewer.

IrfanView images browser interface to rate your pictures
IrfanView images browser interface to rate your pictures

This IrfanView is an incredible photos browser, images viewer and it is also a photo editor.


Exclusively for Windows, IrfanView read a lot of image format, video and sound too. IrfanView can do slideshows, show the exif and IPTC, support Adobe Photoshop filters, can add watermark to your master pieces and a lot more.

7) Fun Photos Free photos browser has nice printing options.

Fun Photos Free application
Fun Photos Free, browser with nice print options

The Fun Photos Free application, is for Mac OS X only. It is a photos browser with a very simple interface to cull photos, add to favorite, it has also a search function (at the bottom of the window), a slider to increase or decrease the thumbnail size and few others things.

The nice good feature about this photo browser and viewer, it not the nice few filters it can apply on your photos, but the different options it has to print your photos. Often, we want to print few or many pictures at the same time and on the same paper, here we can! and with a simple click.

8) Chaptrs free photo album organizer and browser.

Chaptrs is a photo album maker and photo browser
Chaptrs is a photo album maker

The Chaptrs freeware is for Mac OS X and macOS exclusively. Chaptrs (without the "e") is a photo browser that automatically arranges photos in each album into smaller, more manageable groups called chapters.


Chaptrs will visualize your photo libraries, detect events and will help you to quickly access to your different libraries and share chapters of photos to your social networks .

9) FreshView photo and video browser and viewer.

FreshView free photo browser
FreshView free photo browser

You need to register to download FreshView, i know it's sad, but it's free, they want your email, it's not a lot for a freeware.
FreshView is exclusively for Windows PC.


FreshView has some very basic photo editing tools too, its layout is configurable, you can change the position of the windows inside the viewer, it does also video and audio and music.

10) Daminion a professional DAM photo management freeware.

Daminion standalone a free DAM App
Daminion standalone a free DAM App

So Daminion Standalone is free, but is limited at 15 000 photos max that you can import per one local catalog, although you can create as many catalogs as you want.


Daminion is a true professional DAM application to cull, to organize, to tag and many other things with your album photos. Daminion, their website, they wrote that Daminion is for Windows and Mac desktops, but Mac users should pass by Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion... Typically a Windows users thinking who think that we want some Microsoft S-word on our Mac, but whatever, Mac users, you're adult enough to decide what you want on your Mac.

11) Duplicate Photo Finder will find all similar images.

Duplicate Photo Finder free software
Duplicate Photo Finder free software

All Mac OS X users read this:
Some time we can get lucky, this free app (Duplicate Photo Finder) is on the App Store (the blue icon down on your task bar), but not in the iTunes store and it is totally free.


The website links to PhotoSweeper (a paid app), so i think they bought the company who did this Duplicate Photo Finder which is free and absolutely awesome. When you will download the application from the App Store care that it has the same logo as the one i put on the screenshot in the red rectangle.


Duplicate Photo Finder is slower than the usual duplicate finder software, but when it give you the result we understand why. Duplicate Photo Finder does not base its algorithm search on the size, byte by byte comparison, or the image resolution and the file type only.

In fact this awesome freeware has even found a duplicate in a PSD of almost one GiGB as you can see on the screenshot! From all the duplicate finder freeware i have tested, it is the only one who push the search so far, even some expensive paid pro version duplicate photo finders, have never found what Duplicate Photo Finder found, just to tell you how good it is!

12) Photos Duplicate Cleaner search for similar images.

Photos Duplicate Cleaner freeware
Photos Duplicate Cleaner freeware

This App, Photos Duplicate Cleaner, is for Mac OS users, but I found it a lot less effective than the one above (and they searched in the same folders during the tests).


Photos Duplicate Cleaner is very fast because its algorithm is based only on the size and resolution of the images (and certainly also on a partial name similarities of the file), if they match... they are duplicates, so yes it is fast but it won't see a lot of duplicate which have not the same size or resolution.

13) Photo Police to see if an image was retouched or not.

Photo police app
Photo Police app detect enhancement

This free application, Photo Police, is very interesting, it can detect any image processing, enhancement, an image inside an image and many other photo montage.


For Mac OS X, this freeware is very easy to use, drop a picture in the app and Photo Police will show you that all the grey noises are the original part of the photo, everything else like the colored stripes part is where the image was enhanced or retouched with a software.

For example:

- On the first picture we can see that the sky was strongly enhanced (original sky might have been white), the railroads were enhanced as well as the train itself.

- On the second picture we can see that the background was surely replaced and some parts of the flower were enhanced.

In the Web Browser: No such a thing unless you count FlikR/500px as viewer.

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