Lite or Basic Free Photo Editors Software to Download on the Computer.

Free basic photo editors to download
Free simple and easy to use best basic photo editors to download on a computer.

You do not like photo editors with too much tools and sliders, you prefer a basic RAW photo converter with just few, but important ,photo editing tools to not be overwhelmed or distracted by the user interface.


Below are listed and reviewed some photo editing software very easy to use, and not over featured with photo editing tools you do not need.


1) Rawker free photo editing and batch processing freeware.

basic user interface of Rawker
The very basic user interface of Rawker but it does it well !

Rawker is for Mac OSX. It's a free photo editing software, which has a very simple but effective user interface, and Rawker has batch processing abilities.


A powerful editing software with a nice and very simple GUI where you can quickly adjust your RAW photos and convert them in JPEG or quickly do a nice black and white if you want.


It does not have a plethora of tools, so you will not be overwhelmed, and yes it has some lack of tools like a denoiser, but if the very simple user interface of Rawker might be disappointing by this lack of tools you can be assured that the job it does is very effective and it is done at a very high quality level.


In fact, it's quite long time i have it, and i still have it on my computer, and time to time, i use it for some of my black and white photographs or if i want to quickly adjust some light or dark or even to pop up the colors of a photo without opening a heavy software like LightRoom or Photoshop.

Rawker is my quick quality photo editor on the fly!


2) RPP: Raw Photo Processor to develop RAW with precision.

RPP is a free Raw Photo Processor
RPP is a free Raw Photo Processor

RPP - Raw Photo Processor is for Mac OS X, but might be installed as a Photoshop or Lightroom plugin, not aimed for beginners and people who like sliders.


RPP is a precision tool to develop Raw pictures. First at all it will not care about your camera setting, so it will be the true RAW file you will see in a pure RAW state, and you might be surprised how it look really specially if you have the habit to use Lightroom which apply always it's own presets.


With its "strange" look, do not make a mistake it is very powerful, and extremely precise RAW photo processor, i recommend to watch some video tutorial to really appreciate this Raw converter at its true value.


3) SharpShot a very simple photo editor software.

Sharpshot a simple photo editing software, but it does not handle RAW photographs
Sharpshot a simple photo editing software for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, BSD, etc... but it does not handle RAW photographs

SharpShot for Mac OS, Windows, Linux and BSD, it use Java (which you should have already installed by default on your computer like almost every computer). To launch the photo editing program, click on "launchSharpShot.command" because if you click on "SharpShot.jar" instead, you will have problem to open some images.


It's a basic photos editor software, but it have all what photographers need to edit a photo properly, it have also local adjustment with the selection tools which is nice (you select a part of the picture and you apply whatever correction or effect you want).


It has the direct "Upload" to Picassa or FlickR too, i do regret that it save as a zip file and got some little glitches when it come to save the photo (at least on my iMac).


4) Phantasmagoria a simple photo editing software.

The simple user interface of Phantasmagoria
The very simple user interface of Phantasmagoria

Phantasmagoria : Run under Java, so it can run on Windows, Mac OSX , Linux and everywhere java is installed.


Phantasmagoria is a very simple photo editor.

i recommend to go first in the "Tools / options" to uncheck "Autoscale when opening" to be able to save and work on your full sized picture.


It is not better than others at all, but the main advantage is that you can put it on a thumb drive and use it on any operating system you want.


5) Photo! Editor is a free photo editor to enhance your pictures.

User Interface of Photo! Editor software © Photo! Editor
User Interface of Photo! Editor software © Photo! Editor

Photo! Editor is for Windows, iOS and Android. It have a good basic tools library to enhance your pictures.


i didn't tried Photo!, so i cannot say so much about it, just go to the original website and see what this Photo editor is all about.

In the Web Browser: Lite featured online photo editors (soon> in review) >>

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