Photos Collage, Image Combine and Mixed Pictures Desktop Application.

Best free photo collage application software
Best free photo collage, image mix and picture combine applications to download

Photo collage can be great when we want to mix and combine many photos in mosaic or create a scrapbook pictures. Below some photo montage desktop applications to download on a computer like Windows PC, Mac OS X or Linux, will help you to create even some mood boards, which are sometimes also known as photo boards, inspiration boards, or design boards. It’s essentially a collage made to come up with ideas.

You can also create a panorama collage with some of these freeware. Huge panoramic collage posters are great on walls. They look great in all forms like tall portrait panoramas or flat landscape mosaics.


Few of them combine photos collage editor, photo montage and photo editing in one software.

1) Shape Collage : A Collage Maker with the Shape you want.

Shape Collage, easy to use, and make the collage with the shape you want
Shape Collage, easy to use, make collage with the shape you want

The Shape Collage application is a nice and easy to use photo collage maker software. It does collage and mosaic montage in the shapes you want, even those you cannot yet imagine.


You can even make your own shape templates and save it for more uses.


For Windows, Mac OS X and Linux it is very fast, you can adjust the size you want, make a text collage (the photo collage will be the text itself) and hit the button "Create" to instantly get a super photos collage.

2) Composure Simple and easy photos collage well featured.

Composure is a very nice free photo collage application
Composure is a very nice free collage application

Composure is a true free photo collage application, i mean, Composure does not squeeze the size of the saved final picture at some extreme little size like CollageIt or Collage Factory Free (those free version) do!


The screen shot you see can already tell you all the possibilities and options you have during your photo collage, and i saved the final image as large as 3200 pixels wide!


Composure is very user friendly, easy to use, you can put some text on your collage as well as stickers and funny things. You can also change the layout of the templates by moving the marge or the borders, re-shapes the pictures, add some effects etc ...


I just regret that we cannot rotate each single picture in the montage, but it's a priceless freeware For Mac OS X.

3) PhotoScape X free photos collage with fully featured templates.

Photos collage user Interface of Photoscape X
Photos collage user Interface of Photoscape X

The PhotoScape X app is surprisingly very nice ! I was truly surprised by this Collage Maker software. some templates and collage effects are in the app purchase, but still the free version is already nicely featured.


The collages are easy to do, Photoscape has a lot of template you can modify as you wish, you can also put some text and a background in the photo collage, rotate each single picture in the little frame.

The user Interface is very well made, very simple, and the name given to the tools are understandable by everyone, a beginner can right away start to make it's photo collage without learning Photoscape X.


For Windows and Mac OS X, the Photoscape photo collage application give you plenty of options presented in a very user friendly interface!

4) UltraCollage is featured with nice templates.

Ultra collage a photo collage freeware
Ultra collage a photo collage freeware

UltraCollage is one of those unknown free software, and I do not understand why nobody knows it.


I am saying that, because it has many nice features, Ultra Collage is easy and user friendly with many options and templates.


It is fully automated and it can save your collage as big as 6 000 pixels wide, which is huge and the final masterpiece can be printed at 200 PPi, the quality of the final photo collage result is just awesome.


You can adjust the roundness of the miniatures, adjust the photo inside the montage, all the basics are under your pointer except the rotation of each single photo.

5) Fotor free photo collage with texts and overlay.

Photo Collage with Fotor as easy as snaping 2 fingers
Photo Collage with Fotor as easy as snaping 2 fingers

Fotor is made for Mac OSX , Windows , iPhone and Android (scroll down on their website to find the link for your phone or tablet). Very easy and simple to use, the photos collage interface of Fotor is fully featured with borders, rotating function, background and texts.


It's collage abilities with advanced functions in collage mode, a random function to look like the pictures was thrown on the table is nice.


It is linked by internet to update automatically new frames, borders and special effects or new functions.

6) CollageIt Free an easy Photo Collage software.

CollageIt free photos collage software to download on a computer
CollageIt free photos collage software to download on a computer

CollageIt is very simple, you choose a collage template put the pictures inside, move few cursors to adjust the layout and the shapes at your convenience, adjust your picture inside the layout, change the background and add some effects...


Hit the button "export" and it's done.


CollageIt is easy and very simple, this intuitive free photo collage software will save the final photo montage at a maximum 2000 pixels at the widest (the pro version does 12,000 pixels)


For Windows and Mac OS X, CollagIt Free lack the rotation option of a single pictures in the collage, but you get the slider "Rotate" which will rotate all the pictures at once.

7) Collage Factory Free featured with templates.

Collage Factory Free a simple user interface for your photo collage
Collage Factory Free a simple user interface for your photo collage

The Collagefactory Free is the lite version (but well featured) of Collage Factory Maker. It will save your final collage in Full HD (1920 pixels max at the widest).


Collage Factory Maker Free for Mac OS X has some basic template and does also eCards with 4 themes where you get also some templates in each theme.


The collage and ecards templates are well made, it has background texts, mask frames and borders, and if you feel you do not get enough you can upgrade to the pro version to get hundreds of templates and save the final collage at the size you want without the limitation of the 1920 pixels.

8) TurboCollage Lite but worth the stamps borders templates.

Turbocollagea free collage for mac, PC, Android and  iOS
Turbocollage collage for mac, PC, Android iOS

The Turbocollage software is for Mac, Windows PC, Android and iOS. On the Mac OS X and iOS (iPad or iPhone), i recommend to download TurboCollage Lite from the iTunes store, because Turbocollage lite does not put watermark on the final photo collage, which is not the case if you download it from their website.

It's the Lite version... so yes it does have limitation, but with what you got already, it's absolutely worth to play with it, and like i said, if you download it from the Apple or iTunes store, you will have a clean final photo collage without watermark.

9) PicCollage Lite collage maker fully featured with nice templates.

PicCollage a very nice photo collage maker
PicCollage a very nice photo collage maker.

The PicCollage app is for Mac users only, and it is absolutely well featured for a lite version, the max width you can save your collage is 2400 pixels though, but hey we will not complain.


PicCollage Lite might be my preferred photo collage maker for its very friendly user interface, easy to use, the quality of the final collage, the choice of the original templates, and all the options added like the shadow, text or borders.

10) PixlR with its double exposure option to make a collage.

Double Exposure from Pixlr to do a collage.
Double Exposure from Pixlr to do a collage.

The PixlR freeware has a mode called "double exposure" which allow you to manually do any kind of collage.

To do so, you choose what will be your background as a main photograph and you add a new picture by choosing Refine/double exp/ add a new photo, then you can move it around, orient it, adjust the opacity and size, choose the blending mode and many more things.


For Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, Pixlr is very easy to use and save your photo at a max of 4 000 pixels at the widest side, which is plenty enough for a nice and big print.

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