Freeware to Add Texts on Pictures and Watermark Photos Application.


Meme freeware to download on the desktop computer to add texts, stickers or a watermark on a photo for free.

Easy to use and user friendly, often those specialized texts adding or annotations application are very useful to mark or personalize a picture, some of them have a batch processing option to put a watermark on a full folder or directory of photos.


1) Skitch annotation and drawing writing free application.

the very simple User interface of a powerful editor that is Skitch
the very simple User interface of a powerful editor that is Skitch

Skitch is for Mac OSX and Windows and it can write and draw, put some annotations and shapes on your picture.


This little image editor which is not an image editor but something you might fall in love when you want to very quickly draw and put annotation or indication with a markup tool, or  even underline something.


Skitch does also screenshot, drag'n drop a picture inside Skitch or whatever will do for this famous sentence:

"A Picture is worth thousands words".


Skitch is not limited in pixels size (but 20Mb Max size if your are in free version with Evernote), it is extremely fast, the JPG compression is excellent for the ratio low weight to the size and the quality of the final result is nice.


For Windows and Mac OS X, Skitch can capture your screen or a part of it, use your on-board camera, open a PDF where you can annotate things and save it as image JPG or PNG, it is fully linked with Evernote, so you can send to facebook, twitter, etc...


2) Preview from Mac OS X Discover the hidden secrets.

Preview from Mac OS X has a lot of surprising tools like the text
Preview from Mac OS X has a lot of surprising tools like the text or...

Preview from Mac OS X, if you thought that Preview was a simple viewer for your photos or PDF, you need to rethink your opinion about this little gem.


With Preview you can write on your photo and PDF, you can copy an image or a part of an image and paste it on the image already in Preview !

No it is not yet finish, you can draw shapes, erase the background using instant alpha, crop rotate, put watermark put some arrow and bend them like on the screenshot i did, you can even edit a RAW photo ... and more, unbelievable !!


Tips: when you choose a tool stay clicked on the tool to see the options coming up.

If you want more texts or watermark free software you might take a look at the full photos editing suite freeware which are fully featured with texts and watermarks but also are a lot heavier to open and to learn.

You can also take a look at some photos viewer and images organizer which usually are also featured with text and watermark to put on images.

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