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Photophone: How to do great pictures with a smartphone or a tablet.

How to take great pictures with a smartphone
How to take great pictures with a smartphone?
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How to do stunning black and white picture with an online photo editor?

How to master black and white photography and photo editing
How to master black and white photography and photo editing.
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10 photo editing tips without Photoshop or Lightroom.

Not using Photoshop and Lightroom logo striked
10 photo editing tips and tricks without using Adobe Photoshop or Lightrrom
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Travel photography: Photos of the most colorful cities.

photo of a colorful street
Photos of the most colorful cities and towns by different photographers
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André Vicente Gonçalves: Windows of the world.

Windows of the world photo
Photographer André Vicente Gonçalves and its creative photos of "Windows of the world".
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How to win a lot of awards with your photos ... Easily!

Incredible in less than 3 days i won more awards than the last 3 year
In less than 3 days i won more awards than the last 3 years, i wonder

Getting a photo award winning for one photo is not easy, at all ! So imagine if you can win a lot of awards for a lot of photos, even a lot of awards per photo, i will say "it's mission impossible" on a normal voting photography website (but is there one normal photo vote website out there ?).

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Photography hosting and website builder: Why i have chosen Jimdo?

Adding an element and editing the element is so easy with Jimdo
Adding an element and editing the element is so easy with Jimdo

When we start to search a host for our photography website or to build it, for personal or professional reasons, we got so many options in this jungle of the hosting and website builders to the point that we can get lost by too many choices.


So, when i started to search a website to host my photos, i put down all my needs for my photography blog.

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The best free photo editing software of the year 2015.

The best free photo editor of the year
The best free photo editor of the year, Online and Desktop photo editing software winners
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GIMP versus Photoshop : When G'MIC reconciled me with GIMP

G'MIC the filter effects specialist for GIMP
G'MIC the filter effects specialist for GIMP

You know already what i am thinking about GIMP the image manipulation and photo editing free application.

My love for GIMP fade away long time ago for many reasons, like the antic user interface, its very slow processing, no RAW photo support, impossibilities to see all the thumbnail in a folder when you are browsing a folder with GIMP, and all other thing which made GIMP cumbersome and slow you down at almost every single step of your workflow which a contrario Adobe Photoshop try to respect your workflow and even help you to go faster.


But GIMP can have some plugins installed in it, like UFRaw for the RAW photos support or G'MIC.

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Digital Photo Artists: A bunch of thieves ?

Speed Art Photoshop
Screenshot of the video We are still alive by © Alex Koshelkov, a year ago the dowload link in the youtube description was working but the page was a payment page where you should enter your credit card ...

Some Digital Artists can have many faces, and not always the one we can often expect.


You can find theirs masterpieces on youtube, vimeo, etc ...


Usually, they call their art masterpieces, Speed Art or Manipulation Art or Photoshop Art, whatever, but i should said those guys are very talented, they are able to transform a bunch of pictures or part of pictures in an awesome photograph which look like it was captured in a fantasy world.

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I was a big fan of the GIMP photo and image retouching editor, but now ...

The GIMP, the famous free photo and image editing software dinosaur is agonizing, if it is not already dead by arrogance and immobility. It is very sad to write that, but let's face the truth, and to understand why i am saying that, let's get back in the past, 15 years ago for few lines.


I have discovered The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) around the year 1998 or 1999, it was the only free photo and imaging application which was able to do almost the same kind of photo and image editing or retouching with drawing abilities as Photoshop, and back in the days Photoshop was so expensive that it was just unbelievable, plus my hard drive was partitioned half for Linux (Mandrake distribution) and half for Windows, so for Linux i needed GIMP.

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Third party lenses, are they as bad ?

the Tamzooka (The Tamron 150-600mm) is a cheap third party lens but a good lens
The Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 SP VC Di USD, AKA the Tamzooka is a cheap third party lens
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Black And White Photography: The missing link

Photograph of a woman in Black and white
A Black and white photograph should have enough whites and enough blacks © Patrice Laborda

When i see some photos in Black and White just converted without any adjustment or using only preset i feel sick for those  photos.


In photography it's well known that a good photo in Black & White need to have enough Black and enough White it's not just all about gray or grey !


You can recognize instantly a good black and white photograph anywhere, because it was not made only with preset.


People who do themselves their own photo black and white conversion and processing have something that the preset can't give, the soul of the photographer !

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Ken Rockwell vs Jared Polin vs Granger vs Northrup vs Andrew vs..

Today i will speak about Ken Rockwell versus Jared Polin versus Matt Granger versus Tony Northrup vs Michael Andrew Shiffler (AKA The Maven and he name himself also the mentor) versus whomever i saw on Youtube or by their website.


Those professional photographers might be some of the most popular on internet about photography tips, reviews, online photography courses, photography workshop, cameras and lenses review, and so on... Or at least you already heard or read about one of them in this particular field which is photography.

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I am a Certified Digital Photography Underwater Instructor.

Yes, i am a certified underwater photography instructor!

What does it mean ? That i will show to my wife who got the "balls" at home!

OK, i agree with you, until now it's not working.

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Photo: RAW or JPG? differences between jpg and raw.

So, RAW photos or JPG? What are the differences between a photo in RAW and JPG?

Which one is better a RAW picture or a photo in JPG?


But first at all to make things more clear and very simple. JPG and JPEG are exactly the same thing, and CR2, NEF, DNG, or whatever your camera give you as a RAW file name are also the same thing (CRW or CR2 is a RAW file like NEF or DNG, etc...).


Even between professional photographers the raw versus jpg can be a big controversy, although 90% of them shoot RAW, but what about the residual 10% who shoot JPG?

Because the big majority of the professional photographer shoot RAW you might think they are right and the 10% who shoot JPG are wrong?

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Photoshop Versus Gimp and Lightroom Versus RawTherapee

Photoshop and Lightroom are excellent images and photos editing software, but they are also expensive, specially when you compare them to what you can have access for free like GIMP or RawTherapee. But not everything seems as nice as you would think ...


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Wedding Photography: The Way of Bridezilla ... (*)

If you think that a wedding photographer has a simple life, you are wrong. There is many stories that a wedding photographer can tell, most of them are funny ... after, long time after, this is why bride, groom and mom got some nicknames among photograhers, usually finishing by "zilla" like bridezilla, groomzilla and momzilla and we wonder why.

Below a phantasmagorical story about, let's say about bridezilla for today.

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Why beautiful family pictures are so important ?

Taking beautiful pictures and well composed photographs from your family are the most important images that you will ever shoot! And i am not speaking about the annual big family's lunch photograph where every one is tighten to each other and wait for the "say cheese"...


I am speaking about the "every day" photography, i am speaking about those pictures we do at home or elsewhere just to "snap" a moment in time, because it is those pictures which are very important.

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Photography is all my life!

When we shoot a picture, even if it take few minutes or less than one second, we put our mood of the moment inside this picture, in other words we put our soul inside and whatever people can think, it's ours, more than that, it's us!

It's our personality, it's a part of ourselves and on this point there no bad or good photograph, there is only a photograph with the essence of the photographer inside, and that is a fact!

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15 Free online Photoshop Lightroom Editing Photos Software

Free online photo editors and free images retouch in the web browser
Free online image and photo editor, meme generator, photo effects and even paint and drawing free online website are listed here
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Photography tips: When Internet is wrong.

Who never perform a search to find some photography tips?

Even professional photographers do it, in a search of creativity or for something they are not to use to.

Nowadays, with internet it's nice and fast to find tips about photography, but you should care about what you should believe ... or not!

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F/1.4: wide aperture, don't be stuck.

Street photograph with a large aperture
A photograph with a good example of a too wide aperture, the person on the right side is not in focus however he is a part of the scene i forget to adjust the aperture from the picture below which was taken before this one. 85mm @ f/2.2 © Patrice Laborda

I am a crazy fund with wide aperture in photography, i love it! I love it so much that i should refrain myself some time. F/1.4 ...

It give you this very shallow depth of field to isolate the subject on the photograph, with an usually awesome bokeh (the bokeh is the quality of blur in the background or in the foreground of a photograph).


But it's not because your lens can be opened at f/1.4 that you should always take pictures at f/1.4 !

Sure it's nice to shoot at f/1.4, and like i already said above, specially if you want to isolate the subject from the background or if you want to have some effect with a nice bokeh on your pictures.

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Extreme lenses for extreme pictures.

Lens Zeiss Jena 400mm f/1.5
From WW2, this extreme lens is a Zeiss Jena 400mm f/1.5

Today it's the St Patrice day (Saint Patrick if you prefer, but my first name is Patrice, don't be picky).

So i decided to invite you to a journey's dream with some of the most extreme lenses, and discover what would be done or what was already done with some lenses manufacturers.


If you are proud about your 50mm which can be opened with an aperture as big as f/1.2, or you are proud about your 600mm f/4 or your 800mm f/5.6, you might rethink about it,  and eventually, you can go back to play in the sandbox with your lenses, because today i will speak about optically very extreme lenses, which will made yours look like a 2 years old kid's toy.


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Photographs at Extreme High ISO.

High ISO photograph
Photograph taken at ISO 12 800, with 3 different white balance (my son was passing under a multi colored inflatable tunnel)

The ISO in photography is one of the way to control the exposure of a photo, and high ISO can be very helpful for that, but there is a lot of wrong beliefs about high ISO.


Nowadays taking photographs at very high ISO is easier than in the beginning of the digital photography, but we still have this noise problem when we push the ISO very high, which made the look of the photographs grainy if not very grainy.


If you convert your picture in black and white photo, it's not a big deal, it might even give a nice old fashioned character to the picture.


But we do not want all our pictures in black and white, and here start the problem with a photograph in colors, when you have so many noise that nothing is not sharp anymore or the colors are not anymore natural with strange colored artifacts appearing everywhere on the photograph.

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Post processing: When to stop ?!

A photo editor is very useful, but it's like everything, too much is too much and editing or post processing too much a photo is bad. But let see my point of view about editing or post processing a photograph.


I shoot RAW and JPEG most of the time, say 80% of the time, the camera put the RAW on one memory card and the JPG on the other one, the only time i do not shoot RAW + JPEG is when i do wild life photography and sport photography because i need the camera's buffer to be freeing as fast as possible, and believe me at 8 FPS (Frame Per Second) in 3 seconds the buffer can be full if i didn't have a super fast memory card. OK i gain only 1 or 2 seconds more because of the fast writing speed of the CF card, but 1 or 2 seconds it's between 7 to 15 more pictures.

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Free Alternative to Photoshop and Lightroom

Alternative free photo editors and free image retouching alternative to photoshop
More than 110 photo editors alternative, photo effect, image manipulation, meme generator and paint and drawing freeware alternative
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Which camera brand do the best photographs ?

Photo of a camera, Canon's model: EOS 5D Mark II
Camera reproduction, EOS 5D Mark II © Patrice Laborda

When speaking about photography, cameras or photo material or when people ask some advices, it's typically the kind of question i heard almost all the time.


Seriously, is it your camera which take the picture or you ?

I do not know about you, but in my case, it is not the camera which take the picture, but me!

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My blog, my rant, my photography tips!

This blog is all about photography, i will give you tips about photography, share my photography travel, speak about material and i might write some rants about photography too.

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