150 Best Free Online Photo Editors Alternative to Photoshop Lightroom

Yes! 150+ free online photo and images editors accessible with your browser, alternative to Photoshop Lightroom are listed on this page where 50 of them have been reviewed.

Free online photo editors and free images retouching in the web browser
Free online image and photo editor, meme generator, photo effects and even paint and drawing free online website are listed below

Nowadays a lot of website propose some online photo editors tools or free editing software alternative web based to edit your picture in the browser, and with the HTML 5 it become even more easier do build your own online photo editing application.


Some of them look like Photoshop or Lightroom with the big advantage to work on your photograph online, meaning in your browser, for free, but most of them have a downside: they do not support RAW photo from your camera, though very few do, but in the other hand all of them will work at least, with your JPG / JPEG pictures.

Polarr 2 user interface
Polarr 2 user interface is a lightroom look alike

Polarr 2 is the second generation of Polarr photos editor and RAW converter (yes it does RAW too). Polarr2 is still active and it might be actually the best alternative to Lightroom or even better, on the web. It's layout is so similar that even a double click on the sliders will reset it at it's original place. Like Lightroom it have the radial filter, the graduated filter, the same basics like...

Polarr 3 user interface
Polarr 3 with some of its editing tools

Polarr 3 handle RAW image like all the Polarr edition and has a totally new redesigned user interface. It does not look anymore like Lightroom, but you will not feel disorientated, it have all the photo editing tools of Polarr2 although radial and graduated filters are now a paying option on this version 3. Polarr 3 has a slightly different user interface, which one you prefer? is your taste.

iPiccy user interface
iPiccy and its multiple tools and options

iPiccy is an excellent photo editing online software and image manipulation! May be the best of the best out there with the tools quantity and all the possible inter-action you are able to do with iPiccy.

No RAW pictures support for the moment, hope one days it will, JPEG or PNG will do it very well.

Pixlr Editor is a true Photoshop look alike
Pixlr Editor is a true Photoshop look alike with an excellent quality

Pixlr Editor work with layer, mask, etc... It look like and feel like Photoshop, it's aimed for advanced editing photographs and not so for beginners, due to it's Photoshop alike alternative look.

It might be because it look like Photoshop, that it has it's taste and power.

You can do almost everything with this free online photo editor and image manipulation, Pixlr can...

Sumopaint user interface
Sumopaint a free online alternative to photoshop

Sumo Paint is an online image editor, it does not take RAW image like CR2 or NEF from your camera, but JPEG will be fine.

It's a versatile photo editor and painting application but it is not aimed to the beginners, it's a "pure" free online Photoshop alike, which mean also you need to have some knowledge about post processing your pictures.

Pixlr Express, Very simple and intuitive UI
Pixlr Express, Very simple and intuitive UI but full and powerful

Pixlr Express is more oriented for a fast editing, with all options we need to edit properly a picture like the white balance, sharpness, exposure, brushes and a lot more.

It has also a lot of filters to play with, frames and photo borders, collage with overlays, stickers, texts, etc...

PixlR Express is a lot more aimed for beginners and for quick and fast editing, but having said that it is also very...

ToolPic online photo editor
Toolpic online photo editor photoshop alike

ToolPic Photo Editor might be one of my preferred free photo online editor, even better than Pixlr and Sumo Paint in terms of Photoshop alternative, and like the latter, the files are limited to 4000 pixels at the widest side when you want to save the final...

UI of Pixlr O-Matic, very simple to use
UI of Pixlr O-Matic, very simple to use

Pixlr O-Matic Is a very simple way to add filters, retro effects, frames and borders. It's all what it does, but it does it well and fast with hundreds and hundreds different choices.

When you want to save your work you will encounter the same limitation in size of the 4000 pixels max than 90% of the online photo editors...

Adobe Photoshop Express an useless photo online editor
Adobe Photoshop Express an useless photo online editor

Adobe Photoshop Express , Yes it is from those gals and guys who do the real Photoshop.

First at all i should say , it does not look like Photoshop ... at all, it is very user friendly.

This online free Photoshop has improved in the last few months, Adobe added some sliders to fine tune your photo editing and become at least a true photo editor, although it is not perfect yet...

Befunky a very nice and easy to use web based photo suite editor
Befunky a very nice and easy to use web based photo suite editor

Befunky is a free online full photo editing suite and it has even a design editor for canvas and other greeting cards and magazine.

BeFunky is a very interesting fully featured online editor and with it's modern user friendly interface, it has a lot of tools for...

Lunapic, free online photo editor
Lunapic, free online photo editor

Lunapic does not support RAW files like almost all free online editors, but it does support JPG, GIF, and some more type of files.

This editor will resize your photograph at what you see on the screen (mine was resized at 2355 pixels vertically for a portrait orientation picture) but adding some filters can...

Fotor photo editor user interface
Fotor a complete editing photo suite

Fotor : is Fully featured with tools, filters, borders and frames, photos editing tools, texts, photos collage, design cards, HDR, etc ...

This photos editor can do covers and cards with your images. Fotor is a very good website for beginners to advanced photographers and offer some very nice tools with full control like the photo collage where...

FotoFlexer a tabbed user interface
FotoFlexer a tabbed user interface

FotoFlexer is not a RAW compatible. It is flash made (not HTML 5), it means if your browser is not up to date with the Adobe flash plugin, you might got an alert, also it need a true upload of your photo. FotoFlexer will automatically shrink your picture to a max of 2240 pixels at the widest...

Photo Raster or photoraster is a photoshop look like free editor
Photo Raster or photoraster is a photoshop look like free editor

 Photo Raster has no RAW support, but from all of the free Photoshop alike it is the only one which will keep your file size at the original size and not shrink it unlike others do !

You need to register before to use it, but after it's OK.

This free online photo editing Apps seems to...

Picmonkey and its photo editing tools
Picmonkey is fully featured with photo editing tools

PicMonkeyNo upload needed, easy user friendly interface, save your photos at the original size, touch up face and skin tool, makeup, lips and teeth retouch, hair tools, combine multi images, one click photo edit adjust, thousands of presets like cross process, film grains, lens flares, filters layouts, light effects, collage...

Ribbet the surprisingly good and well featured photo editing suite
Ribbet the surprisingly good and well featured photo editing suite

Ribbet resize your picture to around 3000px wide which is ok even for nice printing. Ribbet editor have all the basic editing tools, a huge load of stickers, effects, frames and borders, a "Pro" side for more editing tools, texts effects and...

Citrify easy to use
Citrify a very simple user interface

Citrify save your work at the original size, which in my opinion is the best way to print a very large photograph. Citrify has all the basic tools you need with a modern user interface and it's fast, very fast. You can adjust your photographs, touch up, have some effects and stickers...

Phixr photo editing tools
PhixR can do a lot of different photo editing

PhixR First will shrink or crop your picture to 1440 pixels at the widest, which is plenty enough for social media and email, but for large computer screen or to print an 8x10, it's too small in my opinion.

Having said that, it have all the camera and lens effect, remove noise and grains, tons of filters and effects, borders, decorate layouts, photos collage...

PicMagick web image editor
PicMagick web image editor

PicMagick goes straight forward for a fast editing picture, and it is fast to process too, very fast.

Extremely simple it has just the minimum tools you need, like the crop tool, rotate, fix red-eye, smooth skin, adjust and enhance colours, sharpen, soften, sepia, grey scale and glow.

Pixenate simple free photo online editor
Pixenate simple free online editor

Pixenate is an extremely simple, easy to use and straight forward user interface. This free online editor can straighten your photograph, brighten, and has few basic editing for your pictures, where mostly it's a 1 click photo editing like red eyes, whiten teeth, hand drawing and some fun effects.

Online image editor
Online image editor has many text option and effects

Online Image Editor : First this free online image editor do not constrain you to a max size (i tried 9000 pixels wide which is the max) but you should know that you will work at ... 100% of the view. Having said that, it might be one of my preferred online quick and fast fun photo editing software for the tools it offer. It have all basic tools for an image editing software, plus...

The extremely simple user interface of Rollip free internet photo filters
The extremely simple user interface of Rollip free internet photo filters

Rollip is an editor which is centered around Filters, overlays effects and borders, only. I am mitigated because it propose to choose a filter before to upload a picture.

I, personally, need to see the picture and the filter side by side to see if i will choose the right filter, and here you will never see both side by side...

Photomania has plenty of very fun effects
Photomania has plenty of very fun effects

PhotoMania is an editor where all are about filters and effects. It is very simple to use, you just need to choose a category, apply the effect you want, and download it to your desktop or share it online.

The only problem, in my opinion, is the size of the resulting image which is quite little (under 1000 pixels at the widest side).

Pho.to and its brush photo effects to remove or apply effect locally
Pho.to and its brush photo effects to remove or apply effect locally

Pho.to is a photo editing suite, a special effects editor with fun and realistic effects.

All the tools will not overwhelm the user, because they are separated in different website services like Art, Makeup, Editor, Funny, enhance, cartoon, avatar, cards and share. All the editing photo online services.

Photocat is a simple and very nice free photo editing suite
Photocat is a simple and very nice free photo editing suite

PhotoCat is capable to edit your photos, to retouch it and to do collage with a lot of template. It has plenty of effects and local adjustment tools. PhotoCat has even some tools to retouch a face and simulate the makeup like mascara, skin tanner...

The "naked" user interface of PicsTouch
The "naked" user interface of PicsTouch

PicsTouch do not give you a lot of choice, but what it does, it does it well !

You can put some text on your pictures, and even here not a lot of choices, you can blur and denoise without any true control, and you can crop and resize, and ... that's all!

The user interface is so simple that it look like it is totally empty (almost) but it's quite well made and very efficient for what we need on this website (resize and crop pictures).

Raw Pics.io user interface
Raw Pics.io has a strange interpretation of my RAW file...

Raw Pics.io is a free online raw converter which work directly in your browser, there is no upload on any server! Thanks no need to wait for the raw file to being uploaded. It is a very simple editor online with some very basic tools and some problems t...

Stet.io can be between Photoshop and Lightroom as reference
Stet.io can be between Photoshop and Lightroom as reference

Stet.io At the first glance seems to be between Lightroom and Photoshop due to how the tools are spread across the user interface.

At the second glance, we can see that Stet.io is very well featured to adjust your photos or apply some filters or...

FixPicture is a RAW converter
FixPicture is a RAW converter with a big limitation

FixPicture.org is a FREE online website utility for digital images with RAW files support.

It convert almost any kind or format of pictures in a more usable kind of file like the JPG.

It support all popular picture file formats (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, ICO, ICNS, PDF ...) and camera RAW formats like the CRW, NEF, RAF, CR2, DNG ...

Picture2Life a very simple user interface but fully loaded of photo editing tools
Picture2Life a very simple user interface but fully loaded of tools

Picture2life is well made, but it is not ergonomic or it is too much depending of you. More aimed for beginners with photo editing, it is very often updated with new photos editing tools or overlays.

In the beginning you might found that the user interface is a bit strange, but in a matter of...

Free online panorama stitcher
Free online panorama stitcher

Dermandar is an online panorama maker and free online image stitcher which is nice.

The "little" problem is, i didn't find where to save my stitched picture on my computer. Anyway you can share it thru your preferred social media...

Remove Background online for free
Remove Background online for free

Remove Background Online For Free (RBOFF) does remove background or remove people, over all it just remove things from your picture and that's all, but Woww! Remove Background Online For Free does it surprisingly well, yes very well and in a so simple and easy way that it is more amazing than the tool itself. Bravo !

Photofunia has more than 400 online photo effects
Photofunia has more than 400 online photo effects

PhotoFunia Pros : Easy to use, more than 450 different effects like billboard, calendar (month per month or a full year at a good 2450 pixels high), face in a spacesuit or as a hitman, layouts like a magazine cover, text written in the sand, and so on. Cons : ...

Fun Photo Box free online photo editor
Fun Photo Box an easy to use photo editor

Fun Photo Box has many photo effects and is well tooled with a simple photo editor like was Aviary (it might be an API from Aviary).

Aimed at the beginners, this free online photo editor might be a bit strange with the words that Fun Photo Box is using, which often misleads me, like the collage...

miniPaint a simple photoshop look alike
miniPaint a simple photoshop look alike

MiniPaint is very simple for a Photoshop look alike, but it has all the tools needed to edit properly a photo and even more, without being overwhelmed by a ton of surrounded tools.

It is a quite effective free online image editing processor, each filter can...

Fakeazine magazine alike effect for picture
Fakeazine has a plethora of magazine alike to put on picture

FakeAzine is very fun because you can put a picture of yourself or a friend on a cover of a magazine.

Very easy to use, you upload a picture and choose between the plethora of fake magazine covers offered by FakeAzine or make your own magazine cover directly online...

Photovisi a collage specialized website truly amazing
Photovisi a collage specialized website truly amazing

Photovisi: is an extremely powerful free online photos collage. It has hundreds of templates and you have a full control of each of your collage. Very simple to handle, but you have full control about what you want to achieve...

favicon.cc create your favicon in a matter of few seconds
favicon.cc create your favicon in a matter of few seconds

Favicon.cc is fast and very well made. You can draw your icons and favicon or upload a picture or a screenshot and transform it, in many favicon sizes for your website, for your apps, for whatever your needs.

Freeonlinephotoeditor is composed of few website with the same UI
Freeonlinephotoeditor is composed of few website with the same UI

FreeOnlinePhotoEditor is aimed to beginners and social media, it has a lot of animations, glitters, text effect on the picture.

All those effects are shared between few websites than can transfer your photo from one to another to add some specific effects to your pictures or ...

ImageBot and its text effects
ImageBot user interface with all the text and effects options

ImageBot might look a bit confusing when you open it the first time, but you will get it easily. Imagebot is oriented text effects and filters effects even if Imagebot has also some very basics tools to...


Free online drawing, painting, design and more : I wanted to add few paint and draw free online software for some designer and graphic artists which stop by here, or even just for fun. Not photo editors but it's also about images and graphics.

Psykopaint transform your picture in a paint look
Psykopaint transform your picture in a paint look

PsykoPaint will transform your photos in different kind of paint, you can transform a picture to a paint the same way as did the impressionist painters like Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, and so... You need to sign-in (it's free) to be able to save your master piece...

Muro from deviant art is a paint tool and drawing online software
Muro from deviant art is a paint tool and drawing online software

Muro is a drawing and painting online free software fully featured with different pen and brushes. You do need to open an account (it's free) with deviant art if you want to be able to save your work. Muro can work with layers and...

A very complete user interface of Canva with a tons of templates
A very complete user interface of Canva with a tons of templates

Canva : You will need to create an account (i did it via Facebook, it's quick and fast). There is tons and tons of template. You can create posters, headers for your FaceBook or YouTube channel, create presentation, business card, flyers, food and drinks menu...


Below, the last free online pictures and graphics editors that i am discovering day after day, and where i will do a full review later on (on some of them).


The stroked link (link http://) means that i have already reviewed the photo editor and it is in their new online category.


45) http://deepdreamgenerator.com/ transform your photo in just one click.
46) http://www.says-it.com/ nice fun with texts and images.
47) http://boxshot.com/3d-pack/3d-box.html Free Online 3D Box Maker.
48) http://cooltext.com/ Cool text effects and Logo.
49) http://www.fatpaint.com/ Graphic and design editor.
50) http://www.favicon-generator.org/ Upload a picture, your icon at different sizes.
51) http://www.photozoe.com/ a simple and easy photo editor with text and effects.
52) https://www.picozu.com/ a simple Photoshop alike but a good one.
53) http://www.photofacefun.com/ thousands (for mobile too).
54) http://en.picjoke.net/ thousand of effects.
55) https://imgflip.com/memegenerator meme generator, write on your picture.
56) http://bighugelabs.com/poster.php Create movie poster with your picture.
57) http://www.pizap.com/ full photo editor with paint tools and effects.
58) http://bighugelabs.com Huge lab for your pictures, transform your pics in game.
59) http://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php Collage.
60) http://www.picfull.com/ Photo filters and effects.
61) http://en.retinex.net/ Save picture at original size.
62) http://fotostars.me/en-US/ it save at original size frames and border.
63) http://www.picturetopeople.org nice effect and frames (1200 Px max very clumssy/cumbersom).
64) https://www.tuxpi.com/ save at 1200x1200 max (last checked not working).
65) http://viptalisman.com/photoeditor/ collage, calendar, frames and cards.
66) http://app.pikock.com/pimagic Very Simple editor by one click for each tool.
67) http://www.photoeditor.cz/en/ Filter save at original size upload.
68) http://www.adornpic.com/ photo effects, stickers and a lot more.
69) http://www.photopea.com/ Photoshop alike.
70) http://www.photocollage.com/ photo collage.
71) http://www.photo-kako.com/en/ Mainly filters and effects.
72) http://pictures4fun.net/ effects overlay face hole etc ...
73) http://photo505.com/ Filters and layouts special effects.
74) http://www.enjoypic.com/ Filters and effects.
75) http://anymaking.com/ Effects, oil paint, filters, collage.
76) http://picvio.com/ A promising one, not yet activated.
77) http://editphotosforfree.com/ Background removal, collage, edit, effects, gif.
78) http://www.tutorialspoint.com/online_image_editor.htm look nice(not yet finish).
79) http://www.photofunny.net/ plenty of things to do.
80) http://jpgfun.com/ plenty effects.
81) http://www.imagechef.com/ Need to sign up.
82) http://www.festisite.com/ card games, moneys effects, etc...
83) http://www.loonapix.com/ effects and layouts, borders and frames.
84) http://makeovr.com Everything for the face, hair, make up, eyes, nails.
85) http://www.onlinephototool.com/ need Java.
86) http://pixer.us/ Simple photo editor with some effects, 6000px upload.
87) http://www.pixisnap.com/ Mosaic, polaroid, 3Mb per image max.
88) http://www.donesmart.com/...../editor.html Simple but good, save at original size and seems to be the only which can scroll down for the stickers.
89) http://www.cellsea.com/free-online-photo-editor Limited image size for effects.
90) http://www.photo4everyone.com/ Mobile and Desktop effects and filters.
91) http://www.livephotoeditor.com/photo-editor no upload (flash and 1280px).
92) http://www.quickpicturetools.com/ Filters, frames, combine photos, etc ...
93) http://www.snapstouch.com/ Sketch your picture, draw it, oil paint, B&W.
94) http://clipyourphotos.com/ Add ripples, text and effects. Nice but 800pxl only.
95) http://www.deefunia.com/ filters, billboards, effects (last was down).
96) http://www.iconj.com Icon generator, iPhone icons gen, etc ...Excellent !!
97) http://www.fotocrib.com effects, text, distortion.
98) https://www.watermark.ws/features/photo-editing Best watermark and text.
99) http://convertimage.net/ Frames, ID pics, resize, convert, edit, etc...
100) http://upperpix.com/ Photo editor (no scrolling) it's the one i know.
101) https://photos.google.com/ Simple photo editor and organizer.
102) http://makeagif.com/ Make an animated gif with your pictures.
103) http://rsizr.com/ Do truly Resize and crop your pictures + Collage.
104) http://www.imageeditoronline.net/ collage, effect, gif, combine by layer.
105) http://tiltshiftmaker.com/ Tilt shift maker (miniature and partly blur effects).
106) http://www.rw-designer.com/online_icon_maker.php Icons maker.
107) http://fotojet.com/ Online Collage, card, no upload needed, 1920px max.
108) http://www.pictreat.com/ one click photo retouching.
109) http://www.koalacollagemaker.com/ Collage.
110) https://fotofuze.com/ white background.
111) http://www.cloudphotoeditor.com/ magazine covers and filters.
112) http://rasterbator.net/ To print pictures in huge rasterized image up to 20m!
113) http://www.simpleviewer.net/simpleviewer/ Gallery for your website.
114) http://www.kleki.com/ Simple photo editor and drawing-paint, layer eraser.
115) http://picresize.com resize to any size plus some utilities + API.
116) http://fotonea.com/ Free Collage online (1920x1400 pixels max).
117) http://www.myimager.com/ Useless 500 Kbytes limit upload.
118) http://www.onemotion.com/flash/sketch-paint/ Nice online painting.
119) https://sketch.io/sketchpad/ Online sketch.
120) http://www.pixect.com/ Online effect, use also the webcam.
121) http://www.popartstudio.nl/ Interesting photo effect.
122) http://photopixel.net/ Photo effect (billboard etc ...).
123) http://picbash.com/pic-maker/ card, frames effects, live/upload at the end.
124) http://pixditor.net/ quick resize and effect.
125) http://pixfiltre.com/ full size quick edit and few effects.
126) http://photoeditor4free.com/ Photoshop alike.
127) http://online-photo-editor.com/ Stickers, text and effects.
128) http://www.pixlkit.com/app/ Photoshop alike.
129) http://www.getloupe.com/ Collage and card.
130) http://vectorpaint.yaks.co.nz/ Vector painting SVG editor.
131) http://cartoonify.de/ make yourself a cartoon can save as SVG too.
132) http://photoeditors.info/ photo effects.
133) http://photooutcome.com/ effects and stickers.
134) http://www.fanstudio.ru/index2.php save at original size.
135) http://www.photosize.com/.
136) http://www.cutmypic.com/ useless 500px resized and below if cropped.
137) http://www.in20years.com/ Your face in 20 years.
138) http://webresizer.com/ resize and compress.
139) http://www.picjuice.com/ resize rotate and adjust.
140) http://picslice.com/ resize slice and crop.
141) http://www.shrinkpictures.com/.
142) http://www.frontpageyou.co.uk/ front page.
143) http://funny.pho.to/ .
144) https://www.festisite.com/money/us_dollar_1/.
145) http://www.faceinhole.com/.
146) https://hdrconverter.com/ HDR.
147) http://blingee.com/.
148) http://www.moronface.com/.
149) http://image.online-convert.com/ convert everything online even to vector.
150) http://webchemy.org/ superb drawing application.
151) http://pinkmirror.com/ face retouch automated (do a nice job).
152) http://www.kizoa.com/Photo-Editor photo and video collage and frames.
153) http://www.pycture.com/ all those lost of time for a 800x800 result.
154) http://profilepicturemaker.com/ for social media photo profile.
155) http://favicon.htmlkit.com/favicon/ image to favicon.ico.
156) http://www.optimizepng.com/ optimize png.
157) http://www.fototrix.com/ photo effect.
158) http://www.superlame.com/engine.php add fun text and sound.
159) http://www.montagraph.com/ funny effect, face in a hole.
160) http://labs.wanokoto.jp/olds old film black and white effects.
161) http://www.yourcover.com/ need to take a look deeper, may a paid service.
162) http://www.faceonthecover.com/ easy to use fake magazine cover.
163) http://photomica.com/magazines.php effect, face in hole, magazine...
164) http://photocollageonline.com/ photos collage.
165) http://www.toolshell.com/ magazine, special effect, face in a hole.
166) http://magazineyourself.com/ cannot download just share on social media.
167) http://picmarkr.com/ watermark photo online.
168) http://www.escapemotions.com/experiments.php play with paint flame effect.
169) https://burner.bonanza.com/ Background burner (save at 1300px max).
170) http://www.online-code.net/image-converter.html Convert even RAW file.
171) https://code.google.com/archive/p/svg-edit/downloads SVG edit.
172) http://picbuzz.pho.to Need to check it, sign up required.

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  • #1

    Sanu Roberto (Monday, 02 November 2015 07:22)

    Wow, I haven't seen such a big list of useful photo editing tools. Thanks and I want to add one more tool - (http://editphotosforfree.com/photoapps/remove-background-from-image-online/) for removing background from image online which is a clipping magic clone.

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    James Foster (Sunday, 14 October 2018 23:54)

    Have you tried Bulk Resize Photos?

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    Kiran (Wednesday, 19 December 2018 23:28)

    Great and never ending list. I would like to add one more to this list
    https://www.watermark-images.com/image-editor-online.aspx which has image editing filters

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    Rohit (Wednesday, 05 August 2020 03:22)

    Just launched my tool I was working on for a while.
    Watermarking online tool where it focus on <a href="https://wewatermark.com" >bulk watermarking</a>, feed in 100's of images and within seconds it adds watermark to all images. The best part is it runs 100% on client side, provides utmost safety to digital asset.