Black And White photography.

Black and white picture
Black and white photos can give a lot more than colors, especially to dramatize an event.

A black and white photo remove the colors to let you "focus" on the story, With Black and White we are able to dramatize a picture. Whatever, the contrast or the softness of the black and white, it's the B&W which will define what the picture is all about.


I love Black and White photography, in fact my love for the photos in black and white came later, when i understood it, because in the beginning i should confess that i didn't understood why people liked black and white pictures when we can get them in color.


I am not a huge fan of the sepia photo, but I am looking more and more on the sepia side, may be my mind is evolving, because I start to really like the old warm side of the yellow and some of my black and white pictures seems to look better with the sepia, instead to be pure black and white, so I will see in the future when i will update this black and white photo gallery.

Black and white photo gallery.

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