Cars and transportation photography.

In this photo gallery, you will find photographs of cars, motorcycle, boats, any transportation. The pictures can be shot in the street or during a photography session. Different photographic technique are needed to be adapted to different kind and type of transportation pictures.

Photograph of a sailing boat
Photograph of a sailing boat, 200mm @ f/2.8 © Patrice Laborda

When we speak about transportation photography, it's cars which come first in mind, but every kind of transportation is nice to shoot at.


Boats for example can be very nice to photograph, at the seaport or in open water. For example this photograph of a sailing boat was taken on a beach, the clouds in the background of this photograph with the contrast of the color of the sea add a huge dramatic effect making this photograph to stand out, but not only boats can stand out, planes, trains, bicycles even a road or some railroad tracks.


In fact transportation photography is a huge reservoir of creativity. By using blur and movement, we can transpose the motion to the picture or we can freeze a moving subject by using a high shutter speed.

In transportation photography, as you can see there is plenty of ways to capture a nice and good picture. A good way to see what you can do, is to practice with your car, find a nice location and do a photography session with your vehicle and be creative !

To give you an idea about how to photograph cars and what you can do with cars, below you will find a photography session gallery of an old red car, a 1940 Buick, Business man coupe, and a Mercedes SLK320, in a middle of the photo gallery.

Cars, boats and vehicles photos.

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