Street Photography.

Street photography, what a great photography genre !

Street photography is unique in its genre because it's like hunting, and when i go in the street for photos, I am searching for the unexpected, for expression on a faces. When I do street photo, I want to be invisible to catch the true expression on people.

Taking pictures in the street can be quite simple some day, but usually when it's simple, you go back home a bit disappointed, and you watch your pictures on the computer, hum ... you can throw all of them.


But when those day are hard, when you pass a lot of time in stealth mode, trying to play the innocent tourist in the middle of the crowd, to catch an expression, there to photograph something unexpected, or going to the contact to have a face on the photo, or even trying to get someone who stare at you and catch the eye in your photograph ... Yes those day, when you are taking a picture like you are in the wild, like you are a hunter, those day can be a good photographic harvest.

Photo gallery of street photography.

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