Free photography eBooks about light and flash.

Light and flash photography ebooks cover
Free photography eBooks about light and flash courses and tutorials.

There is no mysteries in photography, without light there is no photos nor photography, so the most important in photography is at least to understand the light. If during the day we can use the sun to shoot a picture, at night we need an artificial light called a flash to light up our subject.

Below are listed some free eBooks which will help you, with their courses and tutorials, to understand the light and what you can do with it, some of those photography eBooks will teach you how to master strobe and flashes.

Lightning 101 eBook.

In this ebook, written by David Hobby, you'll learn how to take the removable flash that you probably already have on the top of your camera and use it off-camera to make beautiful, more three-dimensional photos. Once you learn the basics of controlling light, you'll quickly see that most lighting is intuitive, easy and fun.

eBook cover of lightning 101
Lightning 101 eBook

Understanding Light ebook.

By Nigel Hicks, this ebook is the lesson 1 of the very nature of the light. Without getting technical, Nigel Hicks explain how and why visible light consists of a mixture of different colours, why we see the world around us as having a vast array of colours.

ebook cover understanding light
Exposure: Understanding Light

Good Photos in Bad Light e-book.

This eBook from Darwin Wiggett will show you how to get stunning pictures in a very bad light situation.


With this e-book You will never be worried about lights, because you will learn to master the techniques to get good photos in bad light.

Cover of the ebook good photos
Ebook Good Photos in Bad Light

Introduction to External Flash.

There are a ton of things you can do with external flashes. The author (Evan Sharboneau) of this ebook is only going to go show a couple of applications, the basics, so you can get an understanding on why using external flash can make a huge difference in your photos.

Tips Nº1: Do not blast the flash directly in your face!

cover of External flash ebook
Introduction to External Flash Photography

Fine art color photography course.

A professional guide to understanding and using color for its maximum impact in your photography.

A course written by Phil Malpas for a better light and color effect understanding.

fine art color photography course ebook
Fine art color photography

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