Various learning electronic photographic Books.

Cover page of miscellaneous photography ebooks
Different and various photography eBooks.

In this free photography eBooks category, are listed different books which do not fit in any of the other categories. It is possible that later on (see few months or even years), I add some new categories to dispatch those free eBooks listed below, but it is not scheduled for the moment.

Explore FlickR ebook.

All the secrets of from street photographer Thomas Leuthard: This book was written due to the fact that, there are a lot of photographers which don't use Flickr in a most optimized way.

It seems also mystical how photos get "Explored" and how you will be successful using Flickr.

I would not call myself "The Master of Flickr", but since I have used it for over 3 years now and have learned a lot about this platform. Therefore it was about time to write something about it.

cover of Explore FlickR ebook
Explore FlickR from Thomas Leuthard

Motivational essays on photography.

Scott Bourne's Nine Motivational Essays on Photography ebook is for those photographer, who have lost their motivation or creativity.


This ebook should be a must to read for all photographers, of all ages, like the blank page of the writer, the creative block is the nightmare of the photographer.

eBook cover of the motivational photography ebook
Nine motivational essay on photography

Set up your photoblog book.

In this ebook, Nancy Messieh will show how to start and set up your own photography blog.


Photoblogs are a means for photographers, both amateur and professional, to share their photography, serving as a means of advertising, marketing, or simply a means of displaying your art to an audience.

eBook cover of photoblog
Ebook on how to setup your photo blog

Scott Bourne's eBook.

The e-book Essays on Inspiration, Creativity & Vision in Photography, from Scott Bourne, will teach you how to develop your creativity and to get a fantastic storyline thru your pictures.


This 47 pages ebook is worth to have, to open your mind and get creative.

Cover of the ebook essay on inspiration, creativity & vision in photography
e-book from Scott Bourne: Essay on Inspiration

Photography Ethics book.

This ebook is from Scott Baradell : Photojournalism, technology and ethics: what's right and wrong today?


While ethical decisions have long played a central role in the business of news gathering, journalists have never been governed by formal ethical standards.

This is a key reason that journalism, by definition, is actually not a profession. You can’t be disbarred or lose your license as a journalist.

cover of photo ethics
Photography Ethics from Scott Baradell

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