Pentax lens acronyms, marking and what their abbreviations stand for.

Pentax lens marking and abbreviations

Pentax lens abbreviation and marking acronyms printed on the Pentax lenses, are listed below, if you have knowledge about more marking or acronyms, feel free to write it down in the comment at the bottom.

  • K, M: Manual Focus, Manual/Aperture priority metering.
  • AF: Recent systeme AutoFocus AF motor work only with ME-F body.
  • A: Manual Focus.
  • F: Add Auto Focus to the lenses of type A.
  • FA: Add communication with MTF ( Modulation Transfer Function ) to the type F.
  • FAJ: Cancel the aperture ring functions of the FA type lenses.
  • DA: Same as FAJ, but for APS-C.
  • DA L: Same as DA but lighter lenses.
  • D FA: Same as FA, but usable with film camera as with digital camera.
  • AL: Aspherical elements.
  • ED: Extra-low Dispersion glass elements.
  • SMC: Super Multi Coating.
  • HD: New "Hight Definition" multi-layer coating.
  • PZ: Power Zoom.
  • SDM: Auto Focus Type: Sonic Drive Motor.
  • IF: Internal Focussing.
  • WR: Weather Resistant.
  • AW: All Weather.
  • or FA★ : High performance including weather resistant.
  • Limited: high quality, compact design (primes).
  • Macro: 1:1 magnification.
  • XS: Extra Slim.

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