Samyang lens abbreviations and acronyms with the meaning.

Rokinon and Samyang lens marked abbreviation

Samyang lenses are also sold under different names like: Pro-Optic, Rokinon, Bower, and many more brend's names... But they all are manufactured by Samyang.

Samyang lenses are often compatible with:

  • Canon.
  • Nikon.
  • Minolta/Sony.
  • Pentax/Samsung.
  • Olympus.
  • Panasonic.

Samyang lens marking abbreviations meaning:

  • AE: has an electronic chip for the Automatic Exposure and iTTL for Nikon.
  • AS: have one or more ASpherical element(s).
  • Aspherical : have Aspherical element(s).
  • CS : Lens for Crop Sensor Cameras.
  • ED : Extra-low Dispersion element(s).
  • EF : For Canon EF mount.
  • RF : For Canon RF mount.
  • F : For Nikon F mount.
  • FE : Sony E-Mount.
  • IF : Internal Focusing.
  • MC : Multi Coating.
  • UMC : Ultra Multi Coating.
  • MFT : specific to Micro Four Thirds (4/3).
  • CS VG10 : specific Sony Nex-VG10.
  • Z : For Nikon Z mount.
  • Preset : Aperture Preset (to pass quickly with the aperture ring between the maximum aperture of the lens to see what you are shooting and the aperture for the shot).
  • Mirror : Mirror lens, also called catadioptric lens (mostly used for astronomy).

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  • #2

    Patrice Laborda (Tuesday, 21 April 2020 20:49)

    @James: I updated the Samyang's lens abbreviations and acronyms.
    The final F at the end means it is for For Nikon F mount.

  • #1

    James (Friday, 03 April 2020 11:32)

    Please, can you tell me what the final F means on the end of my new samyang lens which is: AF14mm F2.8 F

    Thanks for your help!