Sony and Minolta lens abbreviations and acronyms meaning.

Minolta and Sony lenses abbreviations

Sony lenses (before Minolta) have to used similar marking and abbreviation as Canon and Nikon lenses.

Mount type:

  • Alpha: α (DSLR).
  • E: E (Mirrorless).

Sony lens or Minolta lens marking abbreviation and what they stand for:

  • SSM: Super-Sonic Motor.
  • SAM: Smooth Autofocus Motor.
  • D : Give the focus distance to the camera body.
  • G: Gold Series (high end quality).
  • DT: Digital Technology (optimised for digital sensor).
  • APO: APOchromatic correction using AD elements (see AD below).
  • HS-APO: High-Speed APO.
  • AD: Anomalous Dispersion.
  • OSS: Optical Steady Shot (E-mount only).
  • T*: High-performance Coating.
  • M: macro 1:1 magnification.
  • Z: lenses using Carl Zeiss technology.

Olympus Four third (4/3) lens abbreviations and meaning.

  • ED: Extra-low Dispersion glass elements.
  • SWD: Supersonic Wave Drive Motor.
  • II : lens version (II = v2, III = v3, etc.).

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