What's the depth of field and the bokeh and how to control them?

Picture with small depth of field and the bokeh
Picture showing a very small Depth of Field with the blurred bokeh

The Depth of Field (also called DoF) on a picture is the part of a picture which is in focus, the bokeh is everything else which is blurred, in fact the word bokeh come from Japan and mean the quality of the blur.


There is 4 factors to control the depth of field and the bokeh, and those four factors are tightly linked together

  • The aperture of the lens.
  • The focal length of the lens.
  • The distance to the subject.
  • The distance of the subject from the background (for the bokeh).
  • Optional: The size of the sensor if the lens is not meant for it (it's arguable).

So let's start by watching this excellent video, very well put and easy to understand, from Dylan Bennet called A simple guide to Depth of Field which is worth the 15mn, and i do not know someone after watching this, who still does not understand Depth of Field in photography.

below you can see the result of different depth of field at different focal length and different aperture.

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