Free Wedding & business photography eBooks.

Free eBooks about wedding photography and the business in photography.
Free eBooks about wedding photography and the business in photography.

Being a professional photographer, nowadays, is not easy, below are some free ebooks to help you with the business of photography or what you need to know to become a professional wedding photographer.


These free eBooks are not limited to the wedding photography business, they include all about corporate photography, real estate photographer and even more genre to become the professional photographer you like.

Introduction Wedding photography.

It is not because you have a good camera that you are a wedding photographer, If you want to become a good wedding photographer, this ebook by Keith Appleby will show you how to.

Introduction to wedding photography ebook
Introduction to wedding photography

Making money with your camera.

You have a camera and want to supplement your income, or become a full time prographer.

You need to read this free book from photographer David Taylor, to learn how to sell your work.

Making money from photography ebook
Making money from photography

Look Sharp! free ebook tutorial.

In this free course ebook by Mark Yokoyama, you will teach you how to promote your organization with great photography.

Look sharp free tutorial ebook
Look sharp free tutorial ebook

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