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Photophone: How to do great pictures with a smartphone or a tablet.

How to take great pictures with a smartphone
How to take great pictures with a smartphone?

Nowadays our smartphones have more computer power than a 10 years old desktop computer. Technology is evolving fast and with it, the language acquiring new words like  smartphone or selfie.

We are doing everything with our phone, from a GPS assistant to photograph or record a movie in full 1080p HD, even post processing those images, and i don't even speak about playing 3D games, read some news on internet and so on...


At the end, when we compare how we use our phone the most, in percentage, I can say safely that we barely use it to call someone, and this is why i call mine a photophone.

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How to do stunning black and white picture with an online photo editor?

How to master black and white photography and photo editing
How to master black and white photography and photo editing.

The essence of photography or nostalgia from the past. Call it what you want, but black and white photography is an art on its own.

There is many way to transform your colored picture in black and white, in this tutorial, I will show you, in a very easy way, how to do it. Is it the best way to edit a photo in black and white? no, it's only one of the countless ways to do it.

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10 photo editing tips without Photoshop or Lightroom.

Not using Photoshop and Lightroom logo striked
10 photo editing tips and tricks without using Adobe Photoshop or Lightrrom

In this tutorial, I will show you how to process an image from the beginning (straight out of the camera) to the final result of my personal view of the Sergio Leone old style movie effect on the picture.

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Travel photography: Photos of the most colorful cities.

photo of a colorful street
Photos of the most colorful cities and towns by different photographers

Today, let's travel and speak about colorful photos of cities around the world with the eyes from different photographers (professionals or amateurs) and from different countries around the globe.

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André Vicente Gonçalves: Windows of the world.

Windows of the world photo
Photographer André Vicente Gonçalves and its creative photos of "Windows of the world".

Some photographers are so creative, they deserve that we speak about them, and photographer André Vicente Gonçalves is one of them with its "Windows of the world" photography project.

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