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Photo about me underwater
Photograph : © Alex Hoksbergen, it's me taking some pictures

So my name is Patrice Laborda, but you knew it already, I crashed on planet earth 50 years ago on the European continent (in France), i did travel a little bit to finally settle in Asia where i met my wife in the Philippines.

English is not my mother language, but at home we only speak in English, so English became the mother language of my two wonderful sons, they are learning french, Visaya and Tagalog though.


I love SCUBA diving and Photography (but you know it already or this blog has no sense), I love the French food, the Japanese food, Thai food, Spanish food, a lot of food type if there is a good wine or a good beer to help to clean the mouth.


I went to photography after filmmaking, yea ... a kind of opposite path, a return in a way, anyway i have to use to not follow the track.


I am a Certified Digital Underwater Photography Instructor (and yes i pay my annual fees to be "Active"), but i don't teach diving nor photography for living, when i teach photography or SCUBA diving is for my own pleasure and have fun with few students and friends.


Photo about me on a boat before a dive
Photograph: © Theodore Mockrish, me playing with Ted's camera

Being a photography instructor does not mean that i am an artist, it mean that i know how to teach, i know the photography subject and it's rules, and i know how to deliver this knowledge, but being a true artist it's another story!


Artist have this creativity and this Wow factor that most of professional lack ... a lot!


In another words, i consider that +90% of professional photographers are hiding they lack of artistic talent behind their knowledge, which is different.

So do what i said if you want to learn, but do not do what i am doing, because i am still searching myself on the artistic side ...

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