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It is not because i don't put watermark on my photographs, pictures, images that they are not copyrighted, they all are !


All photographs, pictures, images and text are copyrighted © Patrice Laborda !


You do not have the right to copy, distribute, use or whatever you would like to do with my photographs, pictures, images without a written permission from me, Patrice Laborda, me and only me can give you a permission.


More officially : All images appearing in and on all this website are the exclusive property of Patrice Laborda and are protected under International copyright laws.
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The use of any images of Patrice Laborda as the basis for another photographic concept, draw or illustration (digital work, blending pictures, artist rendering or alike, etc …) is a violation of International copyright laws.


Also: It's not because you sent me an email that you can use my photographs immediately, in all cases you have to wait my written answer and/or my written conditions, even if it take many years to wait my answer!


All photographs, pictures, images are copyrighted © Patrice Laborda !
All photographs, pictures, images are copyrighted © Patrice Laborda !

Why on my photos i do not put watermark ?


First at all it is my right to not put copyright's watermark on my photographs, pictures, images (anyway they are in the Exif of the picture, plus i have the original RAW file).

Ok, but why ?
When i show a picture, i want to show it properly, without any distracting watermark or written copyrights.

When i am looking at a picture with a watermark, i just cannot look at it properly, it's distracting, i cannot appreciate the picture !


A good example is the TV, i don't watch anymore TV ... why ?

Because nowadays they put the name of the channel in a corner, the name of the cable/satellite's provider in another corner, the next movie in the third corner and at the bottom some continuous advertising ... Seriously ? are they trying to wash my brain ? and what space is it left for the movie ? almost nothing !


There is another thing about written copyright or watermark on the photograph, unless you destroy almost all the photograph with a watermark on it, any thief will be able to remove it quite easily.

As i have to use to chat also in many photographer's forums, i saw one thing about watermark and written name on photographs, which i can resume as:


The size of the watermark or the signature on the picture is usually inversely proportional to the talent of the photographer ...


And i will add to this:

it seems that bigger is the watermark, less talented is the "fauxtographer".


At the end, which picture is better to take a look at, below or above this text?

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