Photography tips and tricks: How to get good photos.


Getting from a boring and very common snapshot to a good photograph, can be as easy as snapping 2 fingers or a real nightmare with a no end bad pictures.


But before to click on the left side on the photos composition, tips, tricks and rules of composition you need to read this page! If not, it's too bad for your.


It might sounds stupid, but you can get it in just 5 minutes or it can take years and years to get out from the snapshot to a real photography enjoyment. If you are following many photography tips and tricks across different photography websites, with different point of views, even if they seems to be going on the same way, you are on the wrong way!


It will be like harvesting internet to get the most photography tips possible, put all in a bag, mix all those photo tips and tricks together, and at the end, you got nothing because you mixed everything up, and when you will be in front of your subject trying to shoot a photograph, nothing will happen, it's the blank page of the beginner photographer. It is even worst than you can imagine! Why ?

Example of a bad photograph, bad snapshot
Not a photograph, not even a snapshot, everything is wrong here, the beack is hidden, the background is disturbing, the element of the cage take too much importance, etc .., etc ... © Patrice Laborda

Because the beginner photographer does not see it yet, he does not see that he is in the "blank"... over loaded with empty idea.


What i am saying might sounds funny, but it's so true, and i am not speaking to become the Michelangelo of the photography in 5 minutes, but i am just  speaking to shoot good photographs with just few tips in mind, and when you will show your pictures to your friends, they will tell you:

- "Wow ... you took good pictures!"


I will give just an easy example with a novice in  photography, who want to learn the rules of composition to get nice photographs, and where at the end he got nothing ...

Example of good photograph tips
A good snapshot, almost a good example of a photograph, just by zooming, making a portrait, isolating the subject © Patrice Laborda

So this beginner photographer have harvested all photography websites he has founded, but on this one they speak about the rule of third, on this one they speak about the golden number, on this one they speak about the negative space, and so on ...

This photographer goes out to apply what he has seen on his computer, find a subject, recall that he should put the subject on the rules of third, but he is mixed with the golden number theory and the negative space or the counter negative space (no it's not the "positive" space).

He apply those theory in his own way because it's just a mixed rule of different rules and at the end, the negative space is at the opposite place that it should be, the subject is not on the rule of third nor the rule of the GN (Golden Number) and the picture is worst than before he read all those different rules.

There is plenty of photography tips and tricks websites out there, choose the one which seems easy for you and don't go too deep in the beginning, easy to your understanding way, and don't be scare, they are at 99% all good websites.


You might think: "why he does not recommend his own photography website?", just continue to read those last few lines, to read my answer and finish this part.


We are all writing our photography courses and photos tips in our own way, one way fit better for you than another one, choose one and only one photography website, the one that you like, and stick on it.

For example you like the way i write, you understand easily what i mean, you like my rant even when i give some photo tips, wonderful, just stick on my photography blog!


At the opposite you do not like how i write, you got some difficulties to understand me, you prefer another website, no problem, go ahead, follow the photography tips and tricks over there (and i am sure it is better than me ), but you will need to stick with them, follow only the photography website you are pleased with!


Later with more experiences in photography, you can start to harvest plenty photography tips and tricks websites, but in the beginning, choose only one way, train yourself on this way, practice a lot, A LOT, and only after when you are very confident, for example: you do not have to think about what you have learned when you are shooting a picture... at this point, you can open your skills to different methods.

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How to take great pictures with a smartphone
How to take great pictures with a smartphone?

Nowadays our smartphones have more computer power than a 10 years old desktop computer. Technology is evolving fast and with it, the language acquiring new words like  smartphone or selfie.

We are doing everything with our phone, from a GPS assistant to photograph or record a movie in full 1080p HD, even post processing those images, and i don't even speak about playing 3D games, read some news on internet and so on...


At the end, when we compare how we use our phone the most, in percentage, I can say safely that we barely use it to call someone, and this is why i call mine a photophone.

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