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What about this photo blog?


Internal links (open in the same tab/window) are recognizable by the little hand in front of the link, for example with: Photography will open in the same tab or new window.

In all cases internal link are never underlined (might be underlined if you hover it only!).


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This site use also the widget Google Custom Search, and like it's written in it (custom), Google will search only on my photography blog, NOT on all the internet.


So if you are searching something particular which have nothing to do with the photography subject there is a lot of chance that you won't find it, on the other hand if you wrote something which you are looking for and use of this search tool, you WILL find it on my blog only (because it's a custom search for my blog only).

This website use Statcounter and W3Counter for statistical purpose, it let me know (roughly because i am only using the free version of both, which have limitation), so those two traffic analytic website let me know from which country the visitors come from, how many per day i get visitors, what browser they use, if my visitor are Mac or PC, from which website visitors came from and few other things that i don't care.


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