Discover some of my Photo galleries.

My photo galleries, with different theme for different kind of photos. Some photos are funny, some pictures might look weird or with strange animals, some of my pictures might not please you (it's all about taste).


But overall, i hope you will enjoy what i did, and if you have any question or comment, feel free to drop few words or more, in the form at the bottom of each page.

Architecture photography, playing with shapes of the buildings
Architecture photography, playing with shapes of the buildings

The world is full of patterns, shapes, etc... In this photo gallery it's all about architecture photography and a different way to photograph buildings and constructions.


Many different photos about architecture and building patterns, even escalators can be very nice to photograph.

Street photography catching the unexpected
Street photography the art to see people

If there is a specialty in photography that i love the most, even getting crazy with it, it's street photography! It's unbelievable the instant you can capture in the street, people are just awesome!


I do color photos in this category, but the Black and White is my favorite way to go with the photos taken in the street, especially for the candid photos.

Landscape, scenery and sunset photography
Landscape, scenery and sunset photography

I do make a difference between Landscape photography and Cityscape photography as i do also with some architecture photographs.


In this photo gallery, i include sunset, sun rise, it might be only clouds or sea as the main subject if the light is very interesting.

Sport photography can be very rewarding.
Sport photography can be very rewarding with the expressions captured.

I love to photograph sport, specially sport's events like the triathlon or ironman, but i do it in my own way, which can surprise you.

Photographing athletes in action can be very enjoyable for their expressions.

Underwater photography is very challenging
Underwater photography one of the most challenging kind of photogragraphy

I love to do SCUBA diving, i am not a free diver, but a SCUBA diver. Two passions bring together (SCUBA diving and photography) and you got underwater photography.

But underwater photography is not easy, it might be one of the most challenging photography genre, especially for underwater ambiances.

Black and white photography does not need colors to capture your attention
Black and white photography does not need colors...

Do you know that white is in fact all the colors that we can see, and black it's no color at all.


Black and white photos can highly dramatize a situation, specially when the black and white is very contrasted.

Concert and event photo gallery
Concert and event photo gallery

Spectacle, event or concert photos gallery. If there is a place i love to go to shoot photos, it's where there is a concert ! I love to play with the lights, it's not easy, it's even very "drastic" but for a photographer it's a real enjoyment.


The drawback of this kind of photography is the light, too ... Some time it's very hard to get a correct exposure because of the changing lights.

Skyline and cityscape photography
Skyline and cityscape photography depend a lot about the weather

When I want to do a skyline or a cityscape photo, almost always the weather does not want to participate. It's like when you have just finished to wash your car, it's start to rain. I don't go often to the city, i would say, in fact i go to the city when it rain, but even if the weather does not cooperate, I love taking picture about cityscape or skyline.

Photograph of an old car
Transportation: Photograph of an old car

Night and day photographs of cars, airplanes or motorbikes even boats are in this photos gallery.

Pictures of everything which is powered by engine or human's swear like bicycles or tricycles. Overall, it's all about transportation by sea, air and land (i didn't went to space ...yet, so no photo from space).

Example of Wildlife photography
Wildlife photography is a very challenging type of photo.

In this wildlife photos gallery you will find photographs about wildlife, birds, and even some photos about macro.


Wildlife are not always easy to capture, especially little birds! It might be because it's not easy that i like to photograph birds, because when i got the shot, i feel a huge satisfaction.

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    Lew A. (Lincoln) Welge (Wednesday, 17 February 2016 05:30)

    Interesting shots with informative captions. Your passion for photography is appealing. Danke.

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    Ivana Stevkovic (Monday, 12 February 2018 19:03)

    Beauty is everything